Teething Is THE Worst

So, my discovery is that we have really entered the realm of teething. Like REALLY entered it.

I used to believe that teething just sort of happens and a baby magically gets a little pearly white one day. No…. this is incorrect. I am now learning its this awful process – for baby AND parent. Really anyone in the house 😂

Apparently her little teeth have been moving around for several months, gearing up to make their painful appearance. She would just have random bouts of pain, times where she would furiously attack her little gums. Poor baby.



Enter the past few days, and now I know we are in for it. She screams and cries. Kicks me, punches me, scratches me and cannot fall asleep. Anyone who knows me well would say I am a more natural type. No chemicals or medicines as much as I can avoid… but who can let their baby struggle like this?! Ahhhhh! Enter tylenol. Bleh 😩

Meanwhile, I have found there are about a bajillion teething products out there, and in our house alone we probably have about 34 of these items. Maybe more?? (Baby sh*t is forever overflowing from every crevice)

Any way, I have tried all of these products and Lily has decided she has three favorite things. Count ’em – THREE!


1. A washcloth simply wet down and put in the freezer. Easy peasy… everyone has washcloths, right?

2. These amazing little munchkin teethers that go in the freezer. They are ironically shaped in a hand and foot… I can’t help but laugh when I look over and my baby is gnawing on a big green toe. (These are a two count pack)

3. Nuby brand gum massager. Ohhh how she loves this thing! It even comes in an awesome case for travel and to keep the GERMS off! These bad boys are so cheap I am about to order myself a stash she loves them so much!

Of course, every baby is different, but I have several mom friends whose babies also love these darn things. They’re cheap, safe, and super easy to clean!

I have also discovered trying to get an under the arm temperature in an already angry baby is next to impossible. So I discovered this bad boy, and you get a reading in ONE SECOND?! YESSSS. (I know ear temps are not 100% accurate to the digit, so this is great to get a round about and if she has a fever, you can do a rectal to get the closest number, per doctors instructions of course). For you tech lovers like myself, this thermometer connects to an app on your smart phone to do all kinds of fun symptom tracking. You can create multiple profiles to track symptoms and temperature readings of anyone who is sick in the house. We have used it several times and it is super easy to use and so so quick – one second, remember?! You can use this with or without your phone as well.



I will be gifting a FREE teether to one of you subscribed mommies! Just go ahead and make sure your subscribed. (you can subscribe below) Follow my instagram here. And tag THREE mommies who would love this product! GOOOO!

One winner will be selected and announced on July 22, 2017

Giveaway open to U.S. residents only


What you do in your life is totally your choice, but if you’re interested, I took the hard work out of your life and did our own research. You can click any of the pictures above to purchase these bad boys, simple as that, right to your door step… and hopefully a little less screaming; a little more peace.


That is all ✌🏼

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