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I had been searching high and low for a super cute clothing line to carry in my shop. One of the other criteria I also search for is a Mom owned company. I came across the Skuttlebum brand, and I am so happy I did!

When I first hopped on a phone call with April, the founder she was immediately so incredibly kind to me! She already seemed eager to partner which made me feel so awesome! I had to know the story behind this brand, so I got to talking with her a little bit more.

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Aprils background

 April was working at a commercial real estate firm in Orange County, CA when she found out she was pregnant with a baby girl.  She was able to go on maternity leave for a while, but because of the small size of the company they had to let her go and fill in her position right away.  Aprils husband had just finished getting his degree and was only working part time while building his graphic design portfolio.

Starting from the bottom

When money started running out they made the decision that it was time to pack up and move to her husband’s home town in Washington. Once there, they would move into his parents’ basement. They sold everything they own, except for her rocking chair and vintage sewing table. They also kept whatever else would fit into their cars.  The move didn’t go so smoothly either as their car got totaled in the move. During this stressful time she was beginning to worry about their financial situation because unemployment money was about to run out and April couldn’t find work she could do while staying at home with her baby girl.

Planting a business

With these feelings of financial stress, April started her own business! She had a gut feeling that turned into a dream of starting up her own shop. Her dream of making and selling unique baby and toddler clothes came true.  April has had many dreams in her life, but this one she actually went for. She boasts this is the coolest thing she has done besides starting a family!

Aprils mission

Provide work for more stay-at-home Mom’s.  They now have three stay-at-home Mama’s sewing for Skuttlebum, and a couple more that help with social media and their rep team. Her husband screen prints all of the shirts and is very involved in growing the business as well.


Beautiful hand made clothing

red plaid raglan top
red plaid raglan
heart patch leggings
heart patch leggings
lost girl dress
lost girl dress
plaid beanie
red and black plaid beanie
holiday raglan
monochrome holiday raglan

About my Shop

When I started my shop, I really wanted to sell products created by Moms. The entire purpose of my website is to provide mothers with a place to go for support and fun ideas. Why not give them a place to shop too? Most of all, I love that I am able to provide one place that holds so many different brands and offer one shipping rate. It is so amazing to hear moms say they wish they wish they had found this sooner!

Adding several more items and brands is definitely in my radar for the future. I love working with Skuttlebum. April is so kind and always ready to help!

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Leggings & Harems



Thank you so much for reading about this partnership! I look forward to working with April for quite some time!