Mom Vs Mom: The Great Debate

Since becoming a mother I have realized there is a lot of judgement around both the Stay At Home Mom and the Working Mom. A lot of opinions on why one option is wrong and the other is the better choice.

First off, this makes me sad that this topic even has to be discussed.

FabFitFun 2017 Summer Editors Box Review and Unboxing


Good morning Mommas! I recently tried the FabfitFun subscription box, and I wanted to show you what was in there and also share a $10 off coupon with you! I love subscription boxes because they give you new products each season or month (depending on which you do) and it gives me the opportunity to try new products and pamper myself.

I received the Editors Box. The total value of this box is $359 retail.

The cost of the box is typically $49.99, but I have $10 off for you. They contain full-sized premium products and ship 4 times per year. That is pretty awesome!

10 Things You Should Know Before Having a Baby

Hey Mommas! Our Lily girl will be SEVEN MONTHS old one week from today (I cannot believe how time literally flew by). In honor of this date coming up, I have partnered up with another amazing mommy to do another Q&A Session on preparing for birth and also some postpartum topics as well. Going into having a baby, I feel like there are so many books and videos to watch, but actually being in labor is so different from reading about it. I think one of the best things you can do is have a great birth team for support and just say your prayers and take deep breaths.

Baby Nutrition Profile Printable


Good morning Mommas!

So let’s talk about introducing baby to solid foods. I am just starting on this adventure with my 6 month old, and I am learning so much. We are choosing the Baby Led Weaning method, however this printable would be great for however you are feeding your child.

Upon starting this food journey, I realized with my mom brain it could get tricky

Metal Stand Makeover

I have had this super cute orange metal stand for a few years now that I bought somewhere in Dallas. I really loved this orange stand when I had a pale mint bathroom. We have since moved on from that house and the orange was looking a little tired. I really wanted something fresh but I still love this little table

Liebster Award Nomination


I am excited to say that I was nominated for another award! The Liebster Award. This is an award that is given by bloggers to other bloggers.

Light Whole Wheat Bread


So I have tried to make bread the old fashioned way several times. I have had good results and bad results. Let’s face it, bread is tricky to make. You have to have the perfect temperatures and timing for everything to rise and look beautiful. I no longer have the time for this, but I love the smell of bread baking.

Q&A Sesh: Surviving The Newborn

Good morning Mommas! I am going to start a new series of “Q&A Sessions”. I have been getting so many emails with lots of really great questions, and this will give me opportunity to respond to them. One question I have been getting a lot is how did we get through the newborn stage, and what were our favorite products and/or tricks?

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