Pattern Mixing for October

pattern mixing


Okay, I have no Idea what happened with the time. Here we are, rounding out October, and my baby is turning NINE MONTHS! It was been such a joy watching her grow. As we are into this fall season, the challenge this month with our style group was pattern mixing.


I had absolutely no idea what to do with this! Of course, our amazing Gabby gave us plenty of ideas and samples and I tried to make it work with what I already had in the closet. It is always fun after a baby trying to squeeze all of your extra parts into clothes that used to fit at one time. I am sure my husband got a chuckle out of me trying to pair up an outfit for this.


pattern mixing


Black and White Pattern Mixing

Ya’ll, I am not going to lie. This photo session was not really all that fun. We had a few cooler days in Texas randomly, and this day in particular was cold, very windy and wet. Not very much fun taking photos with a baby. We made this work though! We went to a cute little park in our town and I of course always love taking sweet photos of just mommy and Lily. She always loves being in front of the camera and I think she makes the best model!

pattern mixing





black and white pattern mixing


These black and white print leggings are super comfortable, and I first had them paired with lace up black calf boots, and then swapped to my comfortable BOBS shoes. As a mom, I cannot go wrong with shoes that have memory foam in them (you comfortable moms probably get a chuckle). The top is A.Glow brand – they are a super comfortable brand with nursing friendly tops.. you cannot even tell that it has secret liftable areas! This sweater I had gotten from Ross last fall, and it just so happened to work for this outfit! I am definitely looking forward to the November challenge, as I am always excited to pick a cute outfit for Lily girl, and hopefully we can get something nice as the holidays round the corner.



pattern mixing


Oendrila – Black and White Pattern Mixing

“I play it safe when it comes to patterns. In this outfit, I have stayed with such a safe combination of black and white. The scarf-turned-shrug has tangram and geometric patterns in black on white. On the other hand, the pants have black strokes and splatters. The classic color combination is one of the main reasons this works. Besides, the solid white top has created space and kept the patterns from overlapping. Plus, the patterns themselves are quite different from each other, one being large systematic, and the unruly and small.”



pattern mixing

Gabby – Camo, Stripes and Leopard Pattern Mixing

“The Georgia weather has been insane lately. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do for this month because most of my patterns scream “spring” and “summer.” After rooting around my drawers for a bit I pulled out these awesome camo skinny cargo jeans that I’ve had for years but hardly ever wore.

When the day came to take my photos I was lucky enough to have a crisp day that wasn’t 90 degrees so I was able to really stretch our pattern-mixing theme and layer three patterns! My camo jeans, my striped tank, and my leopard scarf are much busier than I would normally pick out but doing this with intention made me feel super pulled together and chic. Adding my trusty denim vest also helped breakup the crazy patterns so it wasn’t too overwhelming. I think I’ll be trying more pattern-mixing in my own time this year!”

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pattern mixing


Rosy – Floral and Plaid Pattern Mixing

Rosy looks super cute in this outfit, and I love her boots! The plaid and floral are an awesome match and layering that button up is a really easy combination!






pattern mixing

Jody – Plaid and Stripes Pattern Mixing

“I tend to gravitate to casual outfits when trying something new, and pattern mixing for me is definitely new for me so I decided to mix two of my favorite patterns plaid and stripes then added a pair of jogger pants to add to the casualness of the outfit. I am glad that we chose to mix it up a bit this month as pattern mixing would not have been something I would have done on my own.”

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pattern mixing

 Chelsea – Plaid and Floral Pattern Mixing

“I recently have started to play with pattern mixing more, but still tend to play it safe. Today I decided to be a little bolder! I have this classic black and white buffalo plaid shirt from Talbots. I felt like it was the perfect base to have fun with. Then I tried pairing it with a few different options but I really love it with this floral scarf, that if you look closely pattern mixes all on its own! This scarf is a floral pattern on top of a black and white herringbone, so even if you are nervous about pattern mixing on your own you can have fun with this trend by finding pieces that do the hard part for you!”

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