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I knew from day one I wanted a natural, non medicated birth.

I knew for me and my journey that was exactly what I wanted and there was no other option (which is what I had to tell myself to endure the pain)

I have never been a fan of taking medication due to some incidences of being over medicated when I was younger. Of course when I found out I was pregnant, after so many tears of joy, I thought wait… I am going to have a baby! I am going to grow a full sized human baby..and have to push said baby out. Okay, I can do this, and I will!

I found the most incredible Doula and my husband and I took her Bradley Method class. I could not have had such a successful birth without this! I had wanted a water birth, but my husband thought I had lost my mind and wrote that off, but 100% supported all of my other crazy antics 🙂

Throughout my entire pregnancy I prayed for a few things continuously:

1. Healthy baby and healthy mom

2. As quick and painless birth as possible (of course)

3. A great birth team at the hospital


Over all I had a really great pregnancy.  I had severe nausea that tapered off around 15 weeks, some bad flare ups of my heart palpitations, and our dog jumping at my belly once or twice sending me into a panic.

When it came down to it, Lily decided to stay in my belly past the due date by 5 days and I remember doing every exercise possible trying to get her out. I felt like a tank and she was a serious    mover so it started to get quite painful.

I ended up going into labor naturally right at 3:00am. It woke me out of a dead sleep and thought “wow these contractions do not feel like the wimpy things I have been feeling”

After a few trips to the bathroom and contractions only 5 minutes apart I woke my husband to time them…and our doula said we had better get to the hospital. My silly husband tried to fall back asleep and then get in the shower at first… I had to let him know this was not an option as I felt this baby was going to come on out.

We made it to the hospital and I was already 6 centimeters dilated and after tests was cleared to labor in the natural birthing room! My husband and Doula were the most calming presence and I just remember being nervous but not afraid because taking that class I felt I knew what to expect. I was dilating so fast and my Doctor ended up breaking the water bag to speed things up.

In the end I pushed for an hour an 20 minutes because my bladder was so full it took forever. The entire labor through delivery only took 7 hours and 20 minutes, I couldn’t feel more blessed for my first baby. We had some mild recovery complications due to the bladder issue, just having to have a catheter over night and I had a second degree tear.

At 10:21 AM our beautiful little girl came into the world naturally, just as we had hoped, but more importantly healthy and alert as can be.


God had blessed us completely that day with all of our prayers answered. I could not have asked for better staff that day. The room was so peaceful and calm and my husband was a total champ at supporting me.

What I learned is that people will tell you it hurts – that is an understatement. I had so many people tell me I was crazy for wanting no medication and that I should just get an epidural, or get induced, or schedule a c section and be done with it. None of these options however were appealing to me. In the end now I just remember it hurting so badly but I would do it over again with no changes on our next baby. God made a woman’s body to be able to endure such a beautiful process, from conception through pregnancy to delivery – something so traumatic on the body but yet the body heals. It may not look like it did prior to baby, and probably never will, but I made a tiny human and for that I am proud.