My First Blogger Award!

Oh, my gosh ya’ll! I got nominated for my first Blogger Award, and I couldn’t be more excited! I would like to thank Kristin from This Wife And Mommy Life  for nominating me for this, THANK YOU! Kristin also runs a super awesome mommy blog, with some great humor included about raising two little girls.



So, let’s talk about this award first.

The Blogger Recognition award isn’t a physical award given in person, but an online award between bloggers and our readers.

It is a really cool way to give kudos to someone who enjoys what they do!



I would like to first tell you why I started blogging.

I had, at one point started another blog about my love for God and had a little community of women who followed that, and I really enjoyed it. However, life got away from me and I never truly stuck to it. Shame on me. I should add by the way that my love for Jesus has grown tremendously since then, and for that I am forever grateful…

Fast forward a little bit, and I have a baby. I have always enjoyed writing, though I can’t say I am amazing at it or that anyone ever cares for what I have to say, regardless, I love doing it! I also love technology, and toying with computers and creating graphics. Top that with motherhood and I thought, hey, let me try this again. So here I am, with this blog, and I am totally sticking to it. It gives me a hobby that I can pick up and put down when need be for my baby, and not leave a craft pile behind. I think my husband is thankful for that.

It has been a great creative outlet for me, and I have loved getting in contact with other bloggers and tons of really cool companies started by moms just like me!

As I said before I never really thought anyone would care what I have to say, but I have gotten a lot of really great feedback and I love hearing all of the positive emails…thank you!


Advice I would give to new bloggers

  1. Don’t hold back. If you want to write, write. Find a passion and write about it. It’s not a competition. Just do you.
  2.  Ask for help. Talk to other bloggers. See if they have any tips when starting your blog. Chances are, they have some great advice to give!


My nominations… and 15 blogs you SHOULD check out!

  1. Needa Khan – An awesome blog on travelling
  2. Sharon Brand – A blog on travel and food
  3. Gabriela Teişu – A blog on travel and food and sometimes daily inspiration
  4. Niharika Roychoudhury – A mommy blog
  5. Jennifer Lynn Smith – A blog about finding her true purpose and passion
  6. Rachel Jaffe – A blog about living healthy in Florida
  7. Emily Beeson – A London-based blog celebrating creative lifestyle
  8. Christoph Mauer – A blog on how to increase your online traffic
  9. Jill Ann – A blog on family life with music and theater reviews
  10. Jerny Destacamento – A blog on travel and inspiration
  11. Chaundra Jacobs – A blog on leading an intelligent life and topics on babies
  12. Sienny Yong – A blog with these really cute drawings that I loved looking at
  13. Ellen Tran – A blog about inspiration and lifestyle from an artist
  14. Samantha Erickson – A super cute blog about a single mother and their adventures
  15. Abhay Singh – A fitness blog based in India


Thank you for reading!



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