My Baby Made Me A Morning Person

I recall reading during pregnancy that a woman’s body actually goes through a chemical change while pregnant that will allow her to survive on far less sleep than normal once baby arrives. I remember reading this piece of information and chuckling – partly with “yea right” and the rest with sheer terror of thinking… “could it be that bad?!”

The real truth. I certainly know some mommies who are the picture perfect mom. Always with their hair done, makeup on, picture perfect, getting like 6 hours of sleep straight by week 4. They’re the ones who are baking cakes while their baby naps in their crib for 2 hours at a time looking at me like….”why do you look…like that?”

My response: “I’m tired.”

To the moms who have those babies, cherish it, because I have learned and have been told it is not the norm. Our little Lily girl hated sleep from day one. She is the over active curious type who would rather be awake and see the world rather than sleep.

I remember my husband telling friends who do not have kids that the first week is what nightmares are made of with the lack of sleep 😂 (I love you Josh)

I remember on the daily thinking how in the hell are we going to get past this? Literally, how will we survive?! Well guess what… our baby is nearing 6 months and here we are, surviving it.

Prior to baby, I required about 9-10 hours of sleep. I was a pretty good sleeper. Now I understand I can survive on about 3-4 hours…but would rather avoid that 👌🏼 I always had my hair done, makeup on, and wouldn’t leave the house in athletic clothes, unless I was going to work out of course. Now, I dread blow drying my hair because let’s face it, these hormones…I just get sweaty. As for makeup, who has time for that? And let’s get real… athletic clothes are now the only thing I wear because I get spit up and pooped on and I need to be comfortable to keep up with Lily. Oh and the stretchy pants allow me to throw a leg up to hold the baby in place to change a diaper, because you really need 3 arms to change a baby who won’t sit still.


So, to my dearest Lily,

I have to thank you. You have made me a morning person…for now at least. You like to wake usually between 5:30 and 6 AM. If you’re really sleepy, maybe you push to 7. Because of you, I am now enjoying the early morning, making my breakfast, eating on the back patio, listening to birds and watching you play while the dogs get their exercise before the Texas sun burns everything in its path. I get to drink a cup of my favorite tea and watch you discover the world. Thank you for your middle of the night nursing sessions. The world is so peaceful at night, and that is our time, just you and me. I love you for teaching me all the patience that I never knew I could have. You have so much spunk, energy and attitude. Thank you for teaching ME about life and it’s potential through your adventurous eyes. Thank you for showing me I have the strength to grab a booger with my bare finger and act like it’s nothing. Thank you for giving me super mom strength and stamina.  I love you my Lil Sweet 💗


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2 thoughts on “My Baby Made Me A Morning Person

  1. Sarah Buterbaugh says:

    😂 you crack me up. I too, pick boogers..almost daily. And the hubby looks at me like I’m crazy. Blow drying hair is for people without babies. I have only done it maybe a small handful of times since being pregnant..and ONLY for special occasions, with the air cranked, haha. Miss you guys!

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