Fall Baby Photo Shoot Ideas

Fall Baby Photoshoot

Do you need ideas for some simple, yet cute baby poses for fall?

We were able to do all of these transitions in less than 30 minutes, and surprisingly, she totally put up with it and had so much fun!

I am so blessed to have a really talented photographer as a dad. Growing up we had to get used to being in front of the camera, but now I am really happy to have this luxury having a baby of my own. We took these photos while visiting in Ohio, and the outdoors where they live was just perfect for this. We ended up having to do some indoors because of the cold temperatures outside this time of year, but I actually liked the light background to really make her pop out in the pumpkin!

I was lucky that my fabulous sister helped me carve out this pumpkin with the leg holes to help save me a little bit of time.

Most of all, my MOM! She was an excellent help at posing Lily and entertaining her. Between here and I running back and forth with toys for Lily, we were able to get some really fabulous photos!


Lily’s Pumpkin Hat

I had this super cute hat specially made for Lily from a really awesome fellow blogger friend. You can check out her shop, Brazikat to order a hat of your own. She has all kinds of amazing products she hand makes for babies!

Want a discount on her cute handmade items? Use code “INSTAFRIEND” at checkout!


Paint for the bum bum pumpkin

I had to be so quick to get that pumpkin on there and not have her sit down in it!

We used a simple washable paint like this one and brushed it on real fast. When we were done I was able to just wipe it off with a baby wipe.

The Photos



bumkin t shirt
get this super amazing bumkin tee in the shop!

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