Date Night – In a Box!?

Crated with Love Review

We recently had the opportunity to review a really cool subscription box, Crated with Love.

What is a subscription box you ask? It is the hottest trend of subscribing either monthly, or seasonally to a box that is typically stuffed with really cool products, varying depending on the type of box you are subscribing to.

Crated with Love is a monthly date night box aimed at building up your relationship. When I saw this, I had to try it because having a 7 month old baby, and our family being over 1,000 miles away, a date night does not exist for us.

Background behind the company

Tyler and Michelle were at a crossroad in their relationship. Both were finishing up their degrees in college while working to make ends meet. After five years together, the romance seemed to be placed in the background as life got hectic. Michelle (with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy) and Tyler (a degree in Entrepreneurship) knew they needed to make a change if they wanted their relationship to progress and grow stronger. Recognizing that something needed to be done, they placed more of an emphasis on a monthly “date night”, in order to really connect. It was at that point when they both realized that other couples may have a similar struggle and it was at that moment when Crated with Love was born!

In their first year, Michelle and Tyler personally boxed every box they shipped out of their home, sometimes spending all night packing! In Crated with Love’s first year alone, over 5,500 boxes were shipped to couples all over the country (even Canada and Puerto Rico)!

Today, we have members from all over the country, having shipped boxes to every single US state. We even have members who have been with us since we first started in 2014 (shout out to those Craters)! And it all started with a couple’s desire to grow closer and to share that love with every couple possible.

To this day, Tyler and Michelle handcraft each date and activity and personally do each date together. If Crated with Love can help strengthen their relationship, we know it can help strengthen yours!


Of course after reading a little more about this company, I was even more excited to try the box. I love supporting businesses like this and I just love their story. It sounds like most parents in America, struggling to find time together. The fact that you can now get a date in a box is so amazing to me! I order anything I possibly can online to save time and avoid the stores, eating out with my husband and the baby is too funny… basically, him and I rushing and passing her back and forth when she is ready to go, usually ending in me taking all my food home – just not quite worth the effort yet. When I saw this box, I had to try it.

So, let’s talk about the boxes.

You have a few choices with this company.

First, you can get a one-time box for less than $25. I think this is pretty convenient. If you want some fun activities on a whim but not sure you want to totally commit – you can grab a single box and try it out! I should mention that each box has several activities, but we will go over that shortly.

Next, they offer different subscriptions for less than $20 a month. Honestly, I think this is so incredibly worth it. I think of all of the silly things I could spend money on each month, I don’t think $20 each month on your marriage is too bad a deal!

This would be such an awesome gift for newlyweds as a wedding or shower gift as well!


So what did I think?

I was sent two boxes to check out.

My first box was a space themed box, “To the Moon and Back”

There were so many more goodies in there than I expected there would be! The box comes with four “challenge” cards, different activities for you to try out with your significant other. This space box came with some fun glow sticks and a balloon for one activity to teach you about your spouse being with you and helping guide you. The second activity uses wooden gliders you put together and gets you talking about how your partner helped some of your wishes come true. The third activity – one of my favorite, came with all the items to make these super cool galaxy jars! It was really fun to choose one pivotal moment in our relationship and rehash the details of it. The last activity uses glow in the dark stars and your handy dandy smart phone. This activity is to get you to set aside a time once a month to just be together and really appreciate one another. There was even a little “bonus content” card for even more to do!

check out our galaxy jars!

After checking out our jars a few weeks later, they look totally different and it is pretty cool to see how they change, along with your relationship as time goes on.


My second box was casino inspired, “Bet on My Love” 

I loved this box! It was actually fun because my husband and I are really competitive with each other and love to play games. We actually took advantage of this box during her naps! The first activity was couples bingo. Usually he always wins, but this time I totally beat him! The premise of that activity is to sort of see how well you really know your partner! The second activity was truth or dare roulette. This activity was relating to how you react during stressful or exciting times, and how your partner is able to support you in those moments. The third activity used a “steal my heart” deck of cards. These cards were super cool, and gives you tons of different little questions and mini games to go over. The last activity was the game reconnect 4 love. This shows you how you can simply connect with your partner each morning before going about your day apart. Of course, don’t forget about the bonus content again! I will keep these to myself, that is for you to check out when you try out your own box!

In closing

we loved this whole concept, and we have already talked about how these would be great gifts for other parents or couples that we know. I look forward to seeing what the other boxes contain in the future!

The really cool news?

I am selling these amazing boxes in my new online shop! You can check them out here!


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