Basics of Breastfeeding: Part Three

*This post may contain graphic information. These are real stories*

Good morning Mommas! We are on to part three of the breastfeeding series. If you missed Part One, read that here; and if you missed Part Two, read that here.

As a breastfeeding Mom, I am sure you have experienced the intense hunger and thirst that comes along with breastfeeding. This is something I was not prepared for, and was not expecting to battle with.

Experiencing Pure Joy


So, if you have been here before, you are aware that I had really really struggled with post partum depression and anxiety (read here and here). I was actually starting to wonder if I would ever feel normal again. Will these hormones ever balance? Will this anxiety and fear ever subside? Can I tackle this? Will my energy come back?

It has been something I have prayed over every single day. Just really genuinely wanting to feel better, more like me. Having the energy and happiness before Lily came along. I just wanted to be the absolute best mother for her, and the best wife for my husband.

Mom Vs Mom: The Great Debate

Since becoming a mother I have realized there is a lot of judgement around both the Stay At Home Mom and the Working Mom. A lot of opinions on why one option is wrong and the other is the better choice.

First off, this makes me sad that this topic even has to be discussed.

10 Things You Should Know Before Having a Baby

Hey Mommas! Our Lily girl will be SEVEN MONTHS old one week from today (I cannot believe how time literally flew by). In honor of this date coming up, I have partnered up with another amazing mommy to do another Q&A Session on preparing for birth and also some postpartum topics as well. Going into having a baby, I feel like there are so many books and videos to watch, but actually being in labor is so different from reading about it. I think one of the best things you can do is have a great birth team for support and just say your prayers and take deep breaths.

Q&A Sesh: Surviving The Newborn

Good morning Mommas! I am going to start a new series of “Q&A Sessions”. I have been getting so many emails with lots of really great questions, and this will give me opportunity to respond to them. One question I have been getting a lot is how did we get through the newborn stage, and what were our favorite products and/or tricks?

What I Had To Learn As A Mother

Here we are. Six months in.

At six months of mother hood, I personally, with the hand of God of course and my husband, have sustained my child for a total of 462 days. That’s 285 days of growing this baby in the womb, and 177 days of breastfeeding. I am not asking for a pat on the back… there are billions of mothers who have done this before me, but what I am saying is that it has changed me. It has taught me things. Motherhood has turned my world upside down.

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