August Sun Dress

Good morning!

So, I have a confession to make. I have become the comfortable mom. The mom who is typically in the workout gear and comfy clothing. Typically no makeup and maybe a hat on as well. I cannot help it, it is just too easy being home with Lily girl. But I will admit, some days I miss dressing up and getting myself pretty for the day. I do still try to do something to my face, but some days I just cannot manage the timing. When I was approached to join a style blogging group with 5 other women, I was super excited.

Metal Stand Makeover

I have had this super cute orange metal stand for a few years now that I bought somewhere in Dallas. I really loved this orange stand when I had a pale mint bathroom. We have since moved on from that house and the orange was looking a little tired. I really wanted something fresh but I still love this little table

Light Whole Wheat Bread


So I have tried to make bread the old fashioned way several times. I have had good results and bad results. Let’s face it, bread is tricky to make. You have to have the perfect temperatures and timing for everything to rise and look beautiful. I no longer have the time for this, but I love the smell of bread baking.

Shrimp & Zoodle Saute

It’s been a long journey back to Texas, but we finally made it back!

It took us three days with the baby, but we had a safe journey and arrived to our new house in one piece! With all of the chaos I have been so behind on posting! I decided today I wanted to put my recipe up from last nights first meal cooked in the new house!

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