Q&A Sesh: Surviving The Newborn

Good morning Mommas! I am going to start a new series of “Q&A Sessions”. I have been getting so many emails with lots of really great questions, and this will give me opportunity to respond to them. One question I have been getting a lot is how did we get through the newborn stage, and what were our favorite products and/or tricks?

Teething Is THE Worst

So, my discovery is that we have really entered the realm of teething. Like REALLY entered it.

I used to believe that teething just sort of happens and a baby magically gets a little pearly white one day. No…. this is incorrect. I am now learning its this awful process – for baby AND parent. Really anyone in the house 😂

Apparently her little teeth have been moving around for several months, gearing up to make their painful appearance. She would just have random bouts of pain, times where she would furiously attack her little gums. Poor baby.

Favorite Breastfeeding Resources

For me, nursing my daughter as a new mom has had many many challenges. There were plenty of times I wanted to throw in the towel but going in to my journey I made sure to have good support around me for help when I knew I would need it.

I want to share some products / resources that I have found useful in my own journey.

You can click on any of the photos to learn more about the product or to purchase it!

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