Maternity Poses for the Casual Mom


One of the happiest times for me was being pregnant. I loved my belly and everything it meant. Growing our little girl is the best thing I have ever done, and I was so excited to take pictures of that.

We ended up taking our photos right around 34 weeks. I could have waited a little bit longer, but I was too afraid to go into labor early and miss photos. I also didn’t want to be so huge that I couldn’t have fun with it.

We had the most amazing photographer, Amber. She is a good friend of ours who made it fun and we were very comfortable with her, which helped immensely. If you are in Texas, check her out!

We ended up doing our shoot at a lake in our town. We did this just before the sun was setting, and it was absolutely perfect. Anyone who knows me would say I am not an incredibly fancy person. I used to be more fancy and dress up and do tons of makeup and hair, but I think years of doing other people’s hair I lost the time doing it for myself! Now I am a more casual laid back momma, and just do what I feel comfortable in.

I have seen lot’s of photo shoots where moms have these huge flowing gowns and all kinds of props, and I just didn’t want that for us… it just isn’t me at this point in my life. We were able to do some really fun yet simple photos. I want to share that with you mommies who may be looking for the same thing!

here is our photo gallery


Just a short and sweet post to give you some photo ideas!

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