MUST HAVE: Car Seat Sound Machine

Okay, so one of the products I have that gets asked about the most is this sound machine for Lily’s car seat. We always have it running when we are out. I literally get asked about it at least 2 times while we are out.. every single time. This is no joke! She loves to sleep with white noise, and we run a sound machine all night for her. So, we had to find something to calm and soothe her in her car seat.

Enter, this bad boy


100% one of the best, inexpensive products we have gotten for Lily. She loves it!

It has a timer of 15 or 30 minutes to shut off automatically.

The sound choices are: White noise, rain, the ocean, a lullaby and a heartbeat.


I just decided after getting asked so much, maybe I should share it with ya’ll!

If you are interested, you can click on this cute monkey to purchase.

That is all, thanks for reading mommas ✌🏼


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