Favorite Breastfeeding Resources

For me, nursing my daughter as a new mom has had many many challenges. There were plenty of times I wanted to throw in the towel but going in to my journey I made sure to have good support around me for help when I knew I would need it.

I want to share some products / resources that I have found useful in my own journey.

You can click on any of the photos to learn more about the product or to purchase it!


For starters, these nipple shells.
Beyond amazing. Let’s be honest ladies, not everyone is built the same, and you will be very sore the first few weeks and these bad boys were incredible. If I had not used these at first, I honestly do not know that I would have been able to successfully nurse my daughter – feel free to contact me and I can go into more personal detail if you would like!


Next, this nursing pillow.
When I was recovering, the first 2ish weeks I shook uncontrollably, and without this marvelous invention I do not know if I would have been able to hold her. Actually, I couldn’t hold her without it. I remember trying and it was next to impossible. One side is soft and one side is hard. The secondary use I had found with the hard side is that it was a great food tray for myself :p


Nursing bras, nursing bras, nursing bras.
This Motherhood Maternity brand is what I specifically love! I have tried several and these are without a doubt the most comfortable for me, and you really cannot beat the price. I could no longer stand underwire, and I know it is also advised against and the underwire can cause clogged ducts.


A very simple sleep bra
This style is so so easy to use at night and still provide enough coverage to insert your nursing pads!


This amazing drinkMy friend introduced me to this and then another friend told me to mix it with lemonade – even more amazing! They seriously help support your supply. I was pretty amazed at the increase!


Lactation Cookies If you ever do not feel like making your own, these are my go to for on the go snacking!


Nursing Pads

Of course you have your disposable pads I overall do not love these. I think they stick, are noisy and very itchy. I do use them at night though so that I can just toss them in the morning.


As for reusable pads go, I like these bamboo ones.

 These were a little small


And these were larger. I think either size could be useful depending on the top you are wearing that day or how much you let down.


If you plan on pumping at all, these wipes are great for cleaning your parts on the go



Storage bags
These Lansinoh are the most compact. I had tried the Kiinde feeding set and for me the bags were way too bulky for storage but will be great for making baby food pouches. The Kiinde bags were also incredibly hard to get an accurate ounce reading. (If any of you moms have had success with these, please let me know!)


These microwavable bags made cleaning everything so easy! I even clean our pacifiers in these. However if you are an exclusive pumping mama, these probably would not be cost effective.


Last but not least, a manual pump. I had people tell me do not worry about one, but I honestly couldn’t live without mine in the early days. Great for travel or night relief or emergencies. My baby only ever nurses one side so just using this was easier if I needed to pump a bottle. Also, most insurances will reimburse for your pump and some pumping supplies!




As far as other resources go, find an incredible lactation consultant BEFORE baby arrives! I made the mistake and did not and waited until I was already having issues. If you are in the College Station area, check out Shannon! She is the absolute BEST BEST BEST and has a really cute little store and does free weight checks!

My Doula was also an incredible resource for support

This website, Kelly Mom is also the best!


If you have any favorite products you would like to share, please let me know!!


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