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Okay Mommy friends, I told you I would have this review coming up… and it is awesome.

So, a typical grocery trip involved me pushing Lily in her stroller (we have the Chicco Key Fit infant seat and we click it into the key fit caddy). This option is actually really convenient when going anywhere, except the grocery store really because then you have the stroller and the cart, so typically my husband will go with me and one of us will push the cart and one of us will push the stroller. It is kind of tricky at sometimes.



I am also a firm believer in not placing the infant seat on top of a cart, there are so many accidents every year from that and it terrifies me. You could set the carrier inside the cart, but then where do groceries go? For a while I would wear her in my Ergo Baby carrier, which I LOVE, but in the store she is too interested in seeing everything and wants out after about 5 minutes.

360 carrier/free shipping

Enter the Binxy Baby Hammock. This product is super cool because it was created by a mom of 4 kids, which I love because I love supporting other mommies like myself. Upon research, the hammock meets or exceeds all safety standards. It will hold up to 50 pounds and is safe until the baby can sit unassisted! You can also safely strap an infant seat into the hammock! It fits any cart 20-24 inches wide… and as an added bonus it comes in 5 colors and designs so far.

I had to try this product. Thank you to the owner, Lisa Pinnell for allowing me to try and share with all of you!



Lily loved this product.

WE loved this product.

It gave a safe place for her to hang out while we shopped. She could still play with her toys and it was so cute to watch her stare at all the items on the shelves as we walked past them.

Of course with her just hanging there we also got tons of comments on how cute she is, not surprised of course, I may be biased but.. ☺️

While using the hammock we only had to push the cart, AND we had room for all of our groceries right underneath!

Another perk, it is totally machine washable, which for Lily is totally necessary.


⭐️ I would rate this a 5 star product ⭐️

My only wishes are:

1. I wish it fit a little wider cart. We have another favorite store here that has larger carts and we wouldn’t be able to use it there.

2. I wish I had found this product SOONER! Now that Lily rolls and is starting to crawl, this product will not be safe for too long for her and I am so sad about that!

Oh yea, it gave plenty of opportunity for daddy kisses too

If you have any questions, I can answer from our experience using this product. You can comment below or email me HERE.

Since you took the time to check out my review, you get a coupon to use towards your purchase of your very own Binxy Baby!

This would be an awesome product to gift to a new mommy, or for yourself of course!


As always, thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. That is all ✌🏼


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