Become a “featured dad!”


I know I know, you are probably wondering why in the world I am going to do a series on featured dads, because this is a mommy website – right?

This is true, but we couldn’t be moms without our amazing partners! Mothers may be the glue that holds the family together, but my husband is the foundation of our family, and I think it is time they get some recognition!

I am going to be hosting a 6 week series on fatherhood, each week having a separate dad and their story.



To enter for a chance to be featured:

1. Send your story (750 word minimum please) to me in an email

2. Please include the answers to these super easy questions in your story:

When did you become a father?

How many children do you have?

What do you do for work?

What is your proudest moment as a dad so far?

3. Please include a photo of you, being a dad of course!

Need entry help?

What makes you a great dad?! How do you contribute? Are you married? Do you want to compliment your partner on her mothering skills?




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