#BabyLove My Toddler Life – Author Interview and Book Giveaway

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So, I recently had to pleasure of interviewing award-winning author, Corine Dehghanpisheh. She really is a delightful person, and it was fun getting to know a little bit about her. I am here to review her recent book, #BabyLove My Toddler Life.

The Book

I really enjoyed this book.

The illustrations are super cute themselves, but over all I think the book sends a very important message that in our society we sometimes forget. I think as parents it is easy to forget to put our phones down. We get so caught up juggling parenting, answering emails, phone calls, working and keeping up with social media.

For me personally, I try to really set times when I check my phone. Running my website, I have to keep up with that, write new posts, answer emails, take photos and keep up with social media, and I try really hard to do that when she is napping or sleeping at night. Of course, I am not perfect. I also want to take so many photos and videos of her as she grows – because let’s face it, the first year of a child’s life is so amazing, all of the milestones they hit. I have 164 videos of her, and I honestly couldn’t count the photos.


The book starts by showing how mommy and her child have so many fun things to do! Right now my little girl is only 7 months, but she already wears me down with all of the playing and fun activities I try to show her! I can only imagine as she grows! I have hundreds of photos of her as she has grown, and I love taking cute little selfies with her using the snapchat filter. She loves the little faces too! In the book it shows this, because we are all guilty of this. I know everyday I get so many snaps and photos from friends of their baby with funny filters.



Of course, we have all experienced where your child steals your phone. I know that Lily tries several times a day to get my phone in her mouth – ick!

But the most important message that the book brings is to remember that after we catch the cute moments on camera (because that is also important to have memories I think) that we need to put our phone down and really be present in the moment with our kids. It is so important for their development to interact with developmental toys rather than screens all day, and we need to be the person to show them that!


The Interview

I would like to get to know you a little bit better! Who are you as a person outside of writing books?

Outside of writing books I am a mother, wife, twin and much more.  I enjoy quality time with family and friends whenever possible along with a delicious Italian pastry.

I see you live in Dallas, TX. I absolutely love the Dallas Zoo! What are some of your favorite spots to go to?

I agree, the Dallas Zoo is amazing!

My family relocated to Dallas about a year and half ago.   Since then we enjoy spending time at the Dallas Aquarium, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, the Perot Museum, and White Rock Lake as well as the various playgrounds and parks.  We are always looking for new places to check out.  Such a great city!

What are your favorite hobbies?

Besides writing and drawing I enjoy spending time outdoors.  I also enjoy running and working out.  Recently inspired by the beautiful gardens at the Arboretum, I started to learn more about gardening.

What inspired you to write #BabyLove My Toddler Life?

My life as a mom and aunt inspired this book.  As technology has changed and improved, I realized not only are adults interested in the latest devices – so are kids of all ages.  

Kids see their parents and adults using the devices for everything such as taking pictures, watching videos, setting timers, texting, etc.  No wonder kids want to know what they are all about.

What is your proudest moment as a mother so far?

My proudest moment as a mother moment is being a mother.  As an older mom, I feel thankful and blessed that I have my daughter in my life.  

What has been your most challenging moment as a mother in our high-tech world we live in?

I think balancing life demands is the most challenging aspect of being a mother. In a high-tech world, we are connected to each other in numerous ways so information is always flowing.  At times, tuning out the news, alerts, communications and being completely present to a toddler is challenging.  I feel tugged in a million directions sometimes.

How many times do you think your daughter has actually stolen your phone?

My own child hasn’t stolen my phone nearly as many times as my nieces and nephews.  Since having my own child, I am more alert and aware of where I put my phone.  I left my phone unattended near children and without a security code too many times before I had my own child.

What is your favorite activity to do with your child?

I have a few favorite activities I do with my daughter.  We often color and paint together, chase bubbles outside, and read books at least every night before bedtime.  

Where is your favorite spot to travel?

Since having our daughter, my family spends almost all of our free time traveling to visit extended family in Ohio, Idaho, or Arizona.  My favorite spot to travel used to be and still is anywhere with a sandy beach.  

Do you have any plans for any other books coming out in the near future?

I am working on another #BabyLove book called #BabyLove: My Holiday Life.  I am also working on a few unrelated projects. I had planned on having a few books completed this year but I had some extenuating family circumstances that has put my creativity on hold over the last few months.  I am looking forward to getting back to work more consistently soon.  

Is there anything else you would like to add that your readers should know about?

I am truly grateful to have the freedom and ability to do what I love to do.  I love having to opportunity to share my thoughts and inspirations for my books with others.  Thank you for your interest in my books and this interview opportunity.


The Giveaway!

One of you lucky Mommas can win a copy of this book from Corine!


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