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Good morning Mommas!

So let’s talk about introducing baby to solid foods. I am just starting on this adventure with my 6 month old, and I am learning so much. We are choosing the Baby Led Weaning method, however this printable would be great for however you are feeding your child.

Upon starting this food journey, I realized with my mom brain it could get tricky on the foods she has tried, not tried, or even maybe didn’t react well to. I searched for some sort of chart online to enter this in and I just didn’t find what I was looking for, so I decided to create it and share with all of you.

The sheet gives you a place to write in what you have tried in each of the food groups. There is also slots for four days (as they recommend trying a food for three or four days to rule out allergies – that is up to you what you decide), and there is a reaction and also a diaper rash column to take notes in.

This printable is free to you for download, all you have to do is subscribe below to gain access to the sheet. If you need a more customized sheet tailored to you and your baby, you can contact me here and I can design a sheet for you for 99 cents.


My other favorite find thanks to a friend is this Summer Infant brand portable place mat. It has suction cups to stick to the table and a tray to catch food. Lily tried it out and absolutely loved it!


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