August Sun Dress

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So, I have a confession to make. I have become the comfortable mom. The mom who is typically in the workout gear and comfy clothing. Typically no makeup and maybe a hat on as well. I cannot help it, it is just too easy being home with Lily girl. But I will admit, some days I miss dressing up and getting myself pretty for the day. I do still try to do something to my face, but some days I just cannot manage the timing. When I was approached to join a style blogging group with 5 other women, I was super excited.

August Challenge

I figured it would give me an opportunity – at least once a month, to dress up cute and take some photos. Of course this month, I forgot all of my jewelry and accessories because we were so rushed with the weather… I will do better next month I swear (I think).

The vote for the month of August was a sundress. I chose this one, because honestly it was in my closet and it fit okay after having a baby. I really do love this dress though. It is soft and comfortable and I really like the black and white print.

I of course had to put Miss Lily in there, because she is so cute and my blog is mainly about having a baby. I am hoping for better weather and more time next month and maybe I will not forget to wear some things to pretty up the dress!

Both of our dresses are for sale here



meet the rest of the ladies



Gabby is 22 years old, and living in Columbus, GA with her husband and two fur babies.

 “My blog, Gift of Gabby, is a lifestyle and personal style blog, where I like to share outfits, product reviews, beauty ideas, and more. I find it hard to describe my personal style because I don’t like to feel bound by labeling my style as “bohemian”, “vintage”, or “punk”. I have days where I like to be each of these things and more! Sometimes I think it’s fun to treat each day brand new and dress however you want. Of course I do love my vintage-inspired pieces, so they’re always a good go-to or starting point for me!”

Gabby is totally rocking this amazing sundress! I love this belt too! Now I need a dress with a cute belt!

You can visit Gabby and her blog here for the rest of her story and you can visit her instagram here


“It’s Fantabulous is a place where I can share my favorite things. Also, I am blogging about my journey in finding a style suitable for a 40 something Mom of 3 soon to be 6 kids. I tend to stick to more casual, simple looks but I am finding myself branching out to other things.”

I really love this color on Jody, and I love the flow of this dress it looks super comfortable!

You can visit Jody and her blog here for the rest of her story, and you can visit her instagram here

“I describe my style as classic with a twist! I tend to invest in timeless pieces and mix in funky, unique, and trendy items. I am a young biomedical researcher living near Chicago, IL. Rosy Point of View is a lifestyle blog with a focus on style, self care, and wherever else life takes me!”

I love this dress that Chelsea picked! The pattern is also something I would wear!

You can visit her blog here to read the rest of her story and you can check out her instagram here

Rosy and her blog is dedicated to women of all backgrounds, mothers to children of all ages, and to all things fashion!

I love this off the shoulder dress! This is super cute but probably nothing I could ever pull off!

You can click here for the rest of her story, and you can visit her instagram here


“In this outfit, I have turned an Anarkali suit into a dress. An Anarkali suit is commonly worn by women in of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It has the shape of a frock, and looks almost like an empire waist dress, except, it is worn with a pair of leggings (as shown in one of my snaps). This anarkali suit has a more contemporary look. It is made of light cotton, with a refreshing floral print all across. Even its skirt portion is quite different from a traditional anarkali; it gathers on the sides, creates an uneven hemline because of the rectangular shape, and forms those lovely ruffles. Its print, cut and length made it easy for me to convert it into a sleeveless sundress, made of a fabric that lets me breath.”

Oendrila has such a unique style in creating this dress. I really love the colors!

You can click here for the rest of her story,  and you can visit her instagram here.

I am really enjoying being a part of this group. It is a great way to lift each other up and get to know other great ladies as well. I hope you enjoy and get to check out each of their blogs as well!


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