Is am a babywearing, breastfeeding stay at home mom and I just want to write about it. I am here to bring you honest stories of motherhood, coupons, product reviews, giveaways and recipes.


My name is Lauren and I am a licensed cosmetologist and currently a stay at home mom to our beautiful little baby girl. I started this blog when she was 21 weeks old.

My husband and I live in Texas, and like a lot of people we have no family around and have had to figure out how to rely on each other and build a support network out of those around us.

I originally started this blog as a hobby and a way to just vent some of my post partum depression and anxiety, sort of a therapy. Since then it has actually turned into so much more! I have gotten to connect with so many awesome moms and bring honest stories and partner with awesome companies to bring you product reviews and coupons.

Here, you will find anything from honest mommy stories, product reviews, coupons, DIY, recipes.. and what ever the heck else I feel like writing about that day!

I have a true addiction to Hobby Lobby, crafting, DIY and cooking. I like to write, and these are my stories.

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