A Letter To My Mother

Dear Mom,

I was thinking about you today. Correction – I think about you frequently. I see you in an entirely new light now that I have a daughter of my own.

Let’s go back to the time when I was little. I have so many awesome memories of you and I. Doing crafts together, eating those amazing kids cuisines that just you and I shared, and all of those awesome holiday traditions you created for us that all of my friends are jealous of. I know that you made me special lunches for school, where you got those big crackers and cut up cheese and my favorite lunch meat in such a precise fashion, so that I could make my own “lunchable” at school that day. My friends were jealous of those lunches that you created.

Oh, and the part where you and dad allowed me to paint and just totally do whatever I wanted to my bedroom walls. You let me use my massive creativity however I wanted, whether it was putting a grocery store in the living room, or a drive through window for “food”. You supported my sewing habit and allowed me to create anything I wanted.

You are the best for this. You never tried to put out my fire.

Then we of course had the harder times, where I was such a rebellious teenager and just gave you one hell of a time. (Sorry for that, by the way). I guess you could say it made you a stronger person, right?

Growing up we always teased you for your little quirks. Leaving sticky notes all over to remember chores and lists. Saying “we’ll see” to every thing when we really all knew you meant “yes”.

And by the way, your cooking… let’s go there. Your mashed potatoes, chicken wings, and cheese potatoes are without a doubt the best thing ever made. You also make the best brownies, toast, dippy eggs and picket cake. Actually, anything you make always tastes better. These days, dad does most of the cooking, but you deserve to be served anyways. It’s a good thing that dads cooking is also phenomenal.

You always take care of me. You always make me feel better. You always let me cry to you when I just want to cry.

Fast forward to now, I have my own little girl. It stinks because we are so far away and I miss you everyday, but technology is awesome in that I can see your pretty face every day and Lily can talk to her Gaga. Thank you for allowing me and Lily to hang at your house for a while while Josh and I searched for our own new house. You were such a incredible help to me in a time where I was so unsure of myself. A time when I am coming into my own identity as a mother, wondering “am I doing this right?” You of course assured me I am, and that I am an amazing mother.

You are amazing. The best mother I could ever ask for. The best role model to teach me how to be a mother to my own daughter. You also send the best cards and prizes in the mail and they never go unnoticed. You created an environment for us to grow up in that always had the best smell…whatever candles you were burning, it always smells like home to me.

I hope one day Lily will feel this way about me. I hope I can create a solid foundation for her, with awesome cooking and crafts and food. And hopefully, maybe when I tell her she cannot get her nose pierced yet, maybe she won’t just go pierce it herself. If she does though, I will giggle inside because she is just like me. After all, I turned out pretty good, right?

Thank you for everything. Thank you for being such a caring soul. You are my rock, my solid foundation of what raising a child is really about. You have blessed me in ways that you will never understand, and I just hope you know that.

Thank you, my beautiful mother. You are the best. You deserve the world and more. I love you.


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